Vinyasa Yoga with Soul in Berlin

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    About Me

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    I am a Berlin-based yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching for 10.  I completed both my 200-hour level 1 and 500-hour level 2 yoga teacher trainings in Bali, Indonesia, where I lived for 7 years and where I continue to visit regularly for inspiration and renewal. In 2020, I joined the Swanmoutain Kollektiv, a group of powerful Berlin-based teachers committed to offering students a deep and independent yoga and movement inquiry as an alternative to the commodification of yoga.

    I believe that yoga can bring anyone more strength, vitality, self-acceptance, happiness, and compassion.  With an open attitude and consistent practice, one may experience shifts and awakenings leading  toward a life that is more in alignment with one's deepest desires.

    My vinyasa style classes focus on linking breath and movement in a joyful flow grounded by useful alignment cues and practical philosophical wisdom.  Yoga works its magic on multiple levels, and my passion is to guide students to an experiential knowledge of yoga's benefits.  My short term goal is to light up you up with each class.  My long term mission is to support you in your personal transformation in however that might manifest for you.

    Having spent years working in the music business, I see music as a way to inspire and connect us, and my classes are often supported by lovingly curated eclectic soundtracks.  I am also a passionate proponent of plant-based diets and the co-founder of the Berlin-based food start-up Ministry of Cultures.

    I love to discover and share music to support the yoga journey and create a true sonic .  Check out some of my playlists on Spotify.